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Smartwatches: Which one fits me?

The offers on smartwatches can be quite confusing because there are a vast variety of models on the market. So before choosing a smartwatch you should ask yourself a few questions.

1) Do I actually need a smartwatch?

The fact is, smartwatches are still not able to replace smartphones – at least not yet. Nowadays, smartphones belong to our basic equipment while smartwatches are more or less an additional gadjet to navigate our smartphones. Smartwatches are like a remote control for our smartphones. In some situations it can be very handy to use a smartwatch. Most smartwatches connect via Bluetooth with our smartphone and therefore you`ll be able to check the latest message and chat communication while sitting in a boring meeting. And the best – no one will notice!

2) Which functions do I want?

Smartwatches greatly vary with regard to basic functions. Those who will fare best with special interest on a long battery life, they will be rewarded with smartwatches from pebble. Due to their special electronic-paper-screen, these smartwatches consume very little energy and therefore have a long-lasting battery. Furthermore, they have no touchscreen and can be navigated with the outer buttons. Like many other smartwatches pebble supports many different watch Faces and many games and apps. For the runners among us, models like Polar M600 and Garmin Vivoactive are quite useful. With the integrated GPS signal, they enable us to use maps and cards while running through the park. After the run, the data will be evaluated to give you a better overview of your fitness level.

3) Is my smartwatch compatible with my smartphone?

What you should also keep in mind is that you are not simply choosing a smartwatch, you also decide on an operating system. If you use an iPhone, the access to the Android app world is still very limited. Only google now cards will be available or, in best case, you profit from fitnes-tracking-functions. If you use android on your smartphone you find the largest selection of smartwatches, as there are many watches running on this operating system. 

4) How much money do I want to spend for a smartwatch?

The prices of smartwatches can vary a lot. The most expensive smartwatches cost around £1500 like the Diamond Cover 24ct Gold Apple Watch for example. But there are also some cheaper models on the market. Most smartwatches cost between £50 and £500. The prices also depend on the accessories, for example the type of wristband you choose.

5) What about design and wearing comfort?

In the end you have to find only one last answer about the design you prefer. Currently a whole number of elegant models for woman have been released. Some models look more like a sportwatch than a smartwatch. The design of the Moto 360, the G Watch R or the Huawei Watch for example, hardly differs from traditional watches.