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“Live in rooms full of light”...

...is a quote by Aulus Cornelius Celsus. Even an ancient encyclopaedist knew: light is important. Whether it’s sunlight or the right lighting at home. But lamps are not just light sources; they can be an eyecatcher and determine the type of a room. Wunderstore has spoken with the lamp supplier lights.co.uk about the importance of lights and lamp trends in 2017.

How important is a good and special lighting for us as humans at our homes?

Light is essential. It does not only affect our physical and mental health as it has impact on our mood but also functions as crucial element in interior design. If you’re building your new home, renovating or simply feel like a change, light plays an important role. A lamp does not just light up a room – it’s more like a new piece of furniture which can completely change the appearance of a room. For example, changing light moods can be realised easily by setting up different light sources. Ceiling and wall lights are used for general lighting, table and floor lamps can provide a comfortable lighting mood as well as accentuated reading light. Intelligent lighting systems which can be controlled by remote offer highest convenience as lighting conditions can be adjusted to the use of the room and the time of day. New innovations which shape the lighting industry come up rapidly and therefore manufacturers constantly develop new products following the current lighting trends. 

What are the lighting trends 2017?

Whether fluffy, industrial, wiry, earthy or tripod – concerning lamps, everything is possible in 2017. Feather lights create a cosy atmosphere not only in bedrooms. Those soft exemplars seem to float in the room, radiating an air of ease and light-heartedness. In sharp contrast, lamps made out of concrete are very popular this year. Those unique lights perfectly fit into industrial style spaces while proving that this heavy material is no longer meant solely for building sites and construction equipment. Industrial design is a major trend in 2017 and therefore also rustic wire frames are now finding their way into our homes giving them a unique vintage, industrial ambience. The fourth lighting trend of 2017 is just right for those who wish to bring the holiday-feeling of the Mediterranean region into their home: Lights made from earthy, natural terracotta, or in a terracotta colour. Those rustic lamps give a very special touch even to modern living spaces. Last but not least tripod-style lamps will remain popular this year. Whether as floor light or on tables – this classic eye-catcher impresses with its very special character and can be found in countless styles. Some impress with their wooden elements and Scandinavian simplicity, others have a film studio character, or appear especially modern thanks to a delicate, nickel-coloured framework. 

What exactly makes our lights special?

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