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Tips for finding a hobby
People usually spend their free time doing what they like best. Age should not play a role at all, because both children and adults like to realise themselves through their hobbies. Hobbies offer a good opportunity to not get lost in the daily grind and to do something for the mind and soul.
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The photographer's eye
An art form that fascinates many people: Photography. The idea of being able to capture moments, to make others understand one's own perception of people and places, or to create a real work of art, awakens a passion for photography in many.
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Small bedroom, big trouble?
The new flat should be central and not too expensive, preferably with a balcony, kitchen and bathtub. Once you have finally found something suitable, you usually have to accept that some of the rooms will be a little smaller or poorly laid out. This often applies to the most intimate and private of all rooms: the bedroom. No reason to forego style and comfort, we think, and reveal practical solutions and visual tricks to help you get the most out of your small bedroom.
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The Textile Guide
What is the difference between modal and viscose? What is "cupro" actually made of? Can I iron silk? And which material is best for my sensitive skin? In the meantime, the clothing industry uses countless fibres with the corresponding technical terms, so that as a consumer it is easy to lose track. So that you know where your textiles come from and how to care for your favourite pieces properly, our textile guide explains the most common fabrics and their properties.
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Sports bras
The sports bra is one of the indispensable pieces of equipment for female runners. Even during light jogging and at a speed of 12 km/h, an average bust swings up to 3.35 inches with the movement. The trade magazine "Runner's World" has calculated: Per mile, that's a total of almost 147 yards of movement. That means hard work for the breast ligament apparatus.
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Ten reasons to run - why you should start now
Running is an ideal sport for all age groups that basically does not require expensive accessories. With a pair of running shoes and appropriate sportswear, running can be practised anywhere and stimulate both body and mind. Within a short period of time, with the right running technique and training plan, the cardiovascular system can be effectively trained, muscles strengthened and physical resistance, performance and fitness increased.
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This is how to do it - even online
Finally finding a pair of trousers that fit
The trouser shapes and their advantages
Almost every fashion era saw the arrival of a new trouser cut. In the 70s came flared trousers, in the 80s carrot and pleated trousers, then hipsters, skinny jeans and suddenly it all came back. So the good thing is that nowadays all previously known cuts are available somewhere. That means: for every size and every figure, there is the right trouser shape to buy somewhere - online as well as offline. But how do you find the right one for your own type? Here we show you the most popular designs and when it's best to choose one.

Flared trousers:
Good old flared trousers had their heyday in the 70s. In the late 90s and early 2000s they experienced a revival and are now finding their way back into wardrobes. They are basically suitable for all body shapes. If you have longer legs, they look good on you anyway, while shorter people can stretch their legs even further by adding a high-waist fit with flared trousers. Flared trousers come in a variety of materials: jeans, corduroy trousers or even leggings.
These tight-fitting trousers like leggings came into fashion in the 2000s. The good thing about them is that they also suit every body shape. Pay attention to the waist and the length. There are many brands that offer different lengths and not just one standard length. For example, inch length 34 usually suits taller women around 1.80 m, while inch length 30 is more suitable for shorter women around 1.60 m. "Medium-sized" women (about 1.70 m), on the other hand, fit a length of 32 inches. You should always try it out and remember the length for your next trouser purchase. If you like to wear loose tops, skinny jeans are great for you, because they go well with them.
Straight cut trousers - usually jeans - don't hug the leg like skinny jeans, but rather flatter it. They are generally a little wider than, for example, mom jeans, even at the thighs. Some fashion houses call these trousers "regular fit", but this is sometimes misleading because other brands use the term to refer to the waistband height - but more on that later. Straight jeans are suitable for many figure types: Very slim women as well as women with pads on the buttocks and thighs can hug their silhouette with this cut. Here, too, the length and body height are important so as not to look unflattering in them.
Chinos are a classic, so to speak. They were worn as uniform trousers in the 19th century and were usually plain beige. Today, they are often made of light to brightly coloured cotton fabrics and are often worn as summer trousers. The cut provides for a loose fit with straight legs. If you have thicker thighs and a slightly rounder bottom, they can quickly become bulky, also because they often do not have pockets at the bottom. It therefore looks particularly good on very slim legs. The most important thing here is the length: they should always end just above the ankle.
Cargo trousers:
They often have a touch of the "millitary" or "outdoor" look. This is because they were developed for millitary purposes during World War II and are still used today as work or uniform trousers, for example in certain police uniforms. Because they have many patch pockets, mostly in the thigh area and sometimes even on the lower legs, they quickly become noticeable. Therefore, these trousers look good especially on very slim legs.
What material should my new trousers be made of?
Jeans have become an all-rounder that can be found in every wardrobe. The advantage is that they come in almost all shapes and colours, so there is the right style for every figure type. If you like to conceal something, it's best to choose a dark jean shade. If you like it especially comfortable, choose a pair of jeans with spandex. By the way, another advantage of spandex is that anyone who otherwise has problems with jeans fabric not fitting properly in some places will get an ideal fit with stretch fabric because it hugs the individual body shape and gives way.
Thick, bulky fabrics such as corduroy, velvet, leather or imitation leather should not be chosen if you want to conceal rather than emphasise your legs or bottom. The thicker the fabric, the more it will show - the same goes for patterns: the coarser they are, the more they show. If you don't have a problem with your legs and like to show them off, on the other hand, the heavy autumn and winter fabrics are welcome trendsetters. Thin fabrics made of linen or cotton, preferably with a loose fit, tend to hug the legs and achieve the opposite effect. By the way, they can be worn not only in summer. If you don't want to pack away your wide linen palazzo trousers in winter, you can combine them with tights. So jeans, especially with elastane, are suitable for every figure type, while heavy and thick fabrics should only be worn if you don't have a problem with their slightly bulky effect. Light, summery fabrics are ideal for those who want to draw attention away from their legs.
With these tips, you should be able to find (even online) a pair of trousers that fit, that you feel comfortable in and that cut a fabulous figure.
Photo by lan deng on Unsplash
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