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Smartwatches: Which one fits me?
The offers on smartwatches can be quite confusing because there are a vast variety of models on the market. So before choosing a smartwatch you should ask yourself a few questions.
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January – the best deals in an overview
The year has just started and we aren't really in the mood for shopping yet. But especially now great deals are waiting, allowing us to save a lot of money. We have analyzed the data and can tell you exactly which deals await you.
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January: The best time to buy a new bike is – NOW!
No one is thinking about cycling right now. No wonder, in cold and icy weather it isn’t much fun. At this time of the year, a number of mega deals are possible – especially for last year's bike models.
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Keep your eyes open when buying handbags
When it comes to handbags, for women the games are over. They want their favorite brand for the best price as quickly as possible. But if you keep a cool head and wait a little, you can save a lot of money. Wunderstore shows you all the tips and tricks to get a good bargain.
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TV: OLED-Technology – the future of high definition displays
OLED-TV`s are on the previous. According to Michael Wippermann, who specializes in this field of technology, this new technical device will turn the market upside down. A better image quality, a higher brightness and a much more realistic colour rendering are only some of the advantages of OLED-Displays.
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