Portable Megaphone Bullhorn 30 Watt Powerful with Siren

Portable Megaphone Bullhorn 30 Watt Powerful with Siren from Croove
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Product description

Don't let the compact size of this megaphone fool you!

The boastful sound provided by our portable bullhorn actually rivals
that of which is produced by much larger (and much more expensive!) devices.

In fact, our megaphone has the ability to yield up to 30 WATTS of sound
that can span up to 800 YARDS.
Now that's a powerful bullhorn!

The possibilities really are endless with it comes to the use of our megaphone.
Teachers, coaches, police officers, firefighters and event planners
prefer to use this compact bullhorn for a number of reasons.

For starters,
it has been pre-installed with all kinds of sounds that will add excitement to your event
or get attendees to follow instructions.

Use the siren when you want to get the crowd's attention,

Use the famous 'Ole Ole' song to encourage your favorite soccer team.

Our portable bullhorn megaphone operates with the use of 4 "D" batteries.
Take it with you to your next special event, party or sporting activity.

Well, what could you possibly be waiting for?

It's time to say it loud.

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