Winsor and Newton Monarch Brush - Fan Size 6

Winsor and Newton Monarch Brush - Fan Size 6 from Winsor & Newton
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Product description

A finishing brush. Mostly used for portraiture and landscapes. Creates soft details and is also good for stippling and graining effects in landscape, painting cloth and portraits.

Monarch is made with the highest quality blend of polyester filaments to provide the ideal flexibility needed when working with heavy body colour. Hog can sometimes be too stiff to blend colour on the canvas, whilst sable may not be stiff enough to add texture, precision and detail - The flexibility of Monarch is in between hog and sable and so gives you the total control you need.

Monarch Brushes have seamless, corrosion resistant ferrules with long, rich brown stained handles.

Suitable for use with all Oil, Acrylic or Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colours.

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