Brandt Cooker Inductor 77X3741

Brandt Cooker Inductor 77X3741 from Brandt
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Suitable for the following models- Brandt BI60B, BI60X, BI80W, BI80X, BIC63WEU1, BIG60B, BIP63WEU1, BIV60X, EMIC800X, HCR65B1F, HDR65B1E, HFN31B1F, HFN31B1U, HFP65B1U, HFR65B1E, HFR65B1F, HFR65B1N, HFR65B1U, HFR65X1N, HFR75X1N, HLR65X1N, IB30B, IB31, IB60B, IB61, KI360WE1, KI365WE1, KI469WE1, KI569WE1, KITB6349, KQS83W1N, KQW93W1N, TI200BF1, TI200BS1, TI210BF1, TI210BT1, TI212BF1, TI212BT1, TI212XT1, TI213BF1, TI213BS1, TI214BF1, TI214BS1, TI216BN1, TI280BF1, TI280BT1, TI300BS1, TI302BS1, TI312BT1, TI312XT1, TI313BS1, TI314BS1, TI316BN1, TI320N, TI380BT1, TI454BF1, TI4B, TI4N, TI613BS1, TPI22, TPI24

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