HELLA - Side Marker Light

HELLA - Side Marker Light from HELLA - (HELLA KGaA HUECK & CO.)
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HELLA - Side Marker Light, Technical Information: Regarding single or double function lamps with LEDs without flasher function In connection with these low powers, which are very different from bulb versions, there can be problems during operation on various traction vehicles because further lighting functions are detected by some traction vehicles. This is a vehicle comfort function which is not required by legislation and does not release drivers from their obligation to see for themselves that the lighting equipment is working. Here, too, faulty diagnoses can be a result of the lower power levels involved (instrument panel in the driver cab indicates a bulb failure although the function is working). The functional ability of these light failure checks can only be established by the vehicle manufacturer. Operation of the light with alternating current or pulsed direct current is not permitted! The individual light functions may only be operated with a vehicle fuse of max. 3A. In the case of onboard current limitation with the values specified above by the onboard control unit an additional fuse for the lamp is not required. Fitting Position: Left Light Design: LED Mounting Type: Glued Rated Current [A]: 0,04 Rated Voltage [V]: 24 Lens Colour: Yellow Number of light functions: 2 Number of LEDs: 2 Inspection Tag: E17 0202 Width [mm]: 101,6 Height [mm]: 45 Light Function: with reflector Cable Length [mm]: 500 Power Consumption [W]: 1

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