HELLA - Intercooler, charger

HELLA - Intercooler, charger from HELLA - (HELLA KGaA HUECK & CO.)
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HELLA - Intercooler, charger , General Information: *** Behr Hella Service PREMIUM LINE - the ideal solution for customers who expect the optimum Technical Information: The core dimensions / product measurements of the different manufacturers (vendors) might be different due to various production technologies. These dimensions / product measurements are not an indication for the performance or the correct fitting accuracy of the product itself. Length [mm]: 523 Width [mm]: 178 Depth [mm]: 30

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Hella 8ML 376 760-671 Intercooler for Charger from Hella
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Length [mm]: 523 Width [mm]: 178 Depth [mm]: 30
Length [mm]: 523 Width [mm]: 178 Depth [mm]: 30
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