Love and Hate Red Glitter Edition By Ben Eine

Love and Hate Red Glitter Edition By Ben Eine from Ben Eine
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Colour: Red
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Originally a writer, Ben Eine is now one of London’s most prolific artists, specialising in typographical art. The archetype of contemporary UK street-art, Eine’s ‘21st Century City’ was famously gifted to Barack Obama by David Cameron in 2010, and can be seen daily on his canvas of choice: the walls and shutters of the streets of London. His work is a celebration of font and graphics - of the shapes, curves, colours and lines, and the beauty therein. ‘Love and Hate Red Glitter’ juxtaposes the two poles of emotion typographically: ‘love’, spelt out in Eine’s signature box formation, sits across two corners of the print, while ‘hate’ nestles, symmetrically, in the opposing edges. Although Eine has maintained the same font for both words - capitalised, ornamental script - he contrasts the colours, opting for soft shades of comely pink for ‘love’, against cool blue tones to depict ‘hate’. Set against a glittery, cherry-red background, ‘Love and Hate Red Glitter’ is a powerful addition to Eine’s impressive oeuvre. PLEASE NOTE: This item will ship in 1-2 weeks time

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