Circus Alphabet Black XL AP By Ben Eine

Circus Alphabet Black XL AP By Ben Eine from Ben Eine
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Colour: White,Multiple Colours
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Originally a writer, Ben Eine is now one of London’s most prolific artists, specialising in typographical art. The archetype of contemporary UK street-art, Eine’s ‘21st Century City’ was famously gifted to Barack Obama by David Cameron in 2010, and can be seen daily on his canvas of choice: the walls and shutters of the streets of London. His work is a celebration of font and graphics - of the shapes, curves, colours and lines, and the beauty therein. ‘Circus Alphabet Black XL AP’ presents all of the letters of the English alphabet, apart from the elusive and infamous letter "W". Eine’s signature font is beautifully decorative: contrasting, angular striated sections, bouncy curves in a harmonious mix of bright colours that seem to change and merge from different angles, due to the 3D technology of the lenticular printing process. Set against an inky-black background, ‘Circus Alphabet Black XL AP’ is a striking celebration of humanity’s greatest tools: art and language. We are aiming to dispatch unframed orders around the 15th of May, if not sooner.

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