Charming AP By Ben Eine

Charming AP By Ben Eine from Ben Eine
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Originally a writer, Ben Eine is now one of London’s most prolific artists, specialising in typographical art. The archetype of contemporary UK street-art, Eine’s ‘21st Century City’ was famously gifted to Barack Obama by David Cameron in 2010, and can be seen daily on his canvas of choice: the walls and shutters of the streets of London. His work is a celebration of font and graphics - of the shapes, curves, colours and lines, and the beauty therein. ‘Charming AP’ presents the titular word, severed in two and depicted in Eine’s signature font: beautifully decorative letters, contrasting angular, striated sections, with bouncy curves in a clashing harmony of bright, bold colour. Set against a dark, indigo coloured background, patterned with a deep-purple, triangular design, ‘Charming AP’ is a striking celebration of humanity’s two greatest tools: art and language.

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